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My Right Wing Agenda - A mostly political blog by Gordon Taylor ... its right of... well lets just say it's just from the right perspective!
Yeo Valley
It ain't  about the price tag
a music video your glad you live in a detached house to listen to, so you can crank the bass and volume up on.
Jessie J
Tribute to the  E-Type Jaguar / XKE

Other than Concorde possibly the best of British Engineering last century

what a year its been
I've neglected posting to my blog this year, but what a year its been. Since my last post we won the seat for our new MP Richard Graham and we have became the government. I was a bit worried about the local elections we have just had. Fortunately we have done rather well here in Gloucester the conservatives/we now have now won control of the city which is great news and shows that the ppl of Gloucester actually think we are doing a good job. we are after all just trying to deliver the service you need at the best possible price that's the conservative way.
Building a better gloucester
Building a better Gloucester
Range Rover Time
Well.. what a few weeks we have had!.. the coldest in a long time.. and it’s much more like how I remembered when I was young and probably colder! I have to say our local authority has coped rather well with the weather, especially as the length was un expected… its ashamed the Govt didn’t implement the recommendations it got last summer but I guess we have come to expect this dithering on things that really matter and implementing interfering nanny state type rules, to trip us up etc etc… (I could moan about the expiry date on a photo driving license here as the paper ones didn’t expire… but I’ll save that back handed trip up by our govt for another day) I’d hope the people realise a few things about the clearing of ice or snow / gritting in general… Firstly we aren’t a Scandinavian country that experiences this for months a year, therefore we don’t put the huge resource into it… and if your saying why not… ask yourself would you like to pay for it in higher taxes cause that’s the only way it could happen, and it won’t be just a few pennies and if we did ..but then what about the waste of tax payers’ money over the last decade when it would have clearly not have been necessary The council has basically gritted the main roads, by doing this its meant that life carries on as near to normal as possible.. ie your shop gets restocked by the supplier but we have to cope on the local estate roads with snow… now just think if we had played this a different way this year say in the first few days we gritted everything (not possible due to lack of man power but we are being hypothetical here) we would have run out of salt/grit half way through the cold spell and after such a point we wouldn’t have gritted anything.. Therefore even your local shop that you could probably walk to that’s on a main road wouldn’t receive any goods and then soon people wouldn’t even be able to buy bread or milk…. It’s just a thought but I’d rather struggle on the local roads and have the main ones clear so life continues as best as possible… We haven’t even considered pavements yet.. They aren’t like roads and they would need to be treated differently. If you were expecting the Authority to grit them, they would have to do it manually and by walking, not like the roads you couldn’t use “gritters”.. it would be totally un practical for them to do.. just think how long it would take to walk round your estate… or into town? Maybe how long it would take to walk into town, but going up and down every side street on the way…. You get the picture! Though I really don’t see why we try an move the onus back onto the resident to clear the pavement outside their house, it would bring back some community spirit and would save us all a bill at the end of the month! The sad thing is at the moment the law is an ass and discriminates against people who do this and actively makes them at fault should there be an accident. However did that get on the statute book I wonder!! Anyhow all that aside, hopefully we will have a big enough rest bite to restock before we get any more cold weather, I suspect a bit more later this month or in Feb… and in all honesty I think we may be seeing a few more winters like this… I wouldn’t be surprised if we are on the way back to proper old style winters.. and that’s the reason I’m goanna be buying me a Ranger Rover (late 90s pre the govts wicked £400 retrospective car tax) soon (don’t worry I do have some off road intentions too…)… and if the weather gets worse over the next few years then a winch and some snow chains too…
It’s been a breath of fresh air to see some sense at last being posted on the whole issue. some of the content of the emails is a bit scary. scientist should be scientists and not look to make the science fit around the political agenda. I hope now that we can move on and have a proper debate around the real stats and not those contorted to form someone’s agenda. It’s very much looking like climate change could be the greatest swindle of the 21st Century.
random police stops
Whilst travelling back from the superstore this afternoon, after buying lunch and heading back to the office, I was pulled for a random stop by the police... they were on a campaign to stop drink driving. Fair enough, though it did waste about 15 mins of my time. I was surprised they were allowed to randomly stop people and demand a breath test without any suspicion (from watching those road wars progs on sky one they usually have to “smell” alcohol on you first) the office assured me that when they have these campaigns then it’s different! Fair enough though I might be interested enough to check this out. So it got me thinking, putting my political hat on... ( I wished I had asked the officer... though I am sure I can ask the question through official channels later) how many people do they actually catch breaking the law this way, I could count at least six officers standing on the pavement, and there was probably at least one more in the van. I can’t actually believe that this could be the best possible use of the officer’s time. For a start it was the middle of the day, who’s drinking in the middle of the day!! Surely if they had to do these random (no doubt government initiated / driven by targets) campaign then you would do it at 5-7 am catch people who drank far too much the night before or sometime after 7pm when people actually go to the pub!! But more importantly surely their time would be better spent on intelligent driven campaigns. I mean stopping someone randomly halfway down a dual carriageway, the % of people you stop coming out a pub is going to be statically low, where as parking sort of strategically outside a pub car park and pulling people who you see coming out would statistically give you a much better result! Or even better go back to good old fashioned policing if you see someone doing something that looks dodgy it probably is... what’s that called oh yeah gut instinct!! I’m sure the actual PCs on the ground miss this and loath all the bureaucratic interference. But on the whole I am still uncomfortable with this method of policing as it targets the law abiding public, and doesn’t help with the perception that it’s easier to increase overall statistics by persecuting the regular guy for some civil wrongdoing, particularly the motorist, rather than focusing on real crime.
anyone spoted a share price on the way up
heard of a company called De La Rue?? in one of my past jobs worked with a company that sold them motors, and I knew they made cash machines and the like... but more recently I found out they also print money... Now does there share price go up because of speculation of business to come, or is it because they are doing more business at the moment??? one only wonders!!
shopping and alcohol
Today I have been bitten by the nanny sate, BIG TIME... I was shopping in my (up till now) favourite supermarket.. Sainsbury's (Barnwood) with my youngest sister and a friend (who lives with us) 15+17.. ← not that that should be reliant.. We were purchasing sunday dinners Vegies since I went to the butcher on Friday to get the meat... also we were getting chilli ingredients to make during the week.. so you can imagine the checkout belt.. Potatoes Sweede Turnips Carrots Herbs to make Stuffing. (all fresh) Onions Garlic Tins of Pulses... Various beans.. Chopped tomatoes ribean ← the big one.. I love Ribena.... a few bottles of wine.. Yorkshire Puds.. Horseradish sauce... I picked one of sainsburys own.. wanted to try it out since I don't much like the Coleman's stuff... if its anything like the stuff you get at farmers market it should be great. some crappy alco pops for a party we were hosting.. Tropicana.. of various sorts.. they had a good deal on that !!! Any way you get the picture.... The checkout assistant asked for id... when picking up a Retail 10GBP bottle of wine (fair enough) though one knows this doesn't happen in France.. but then they proceeded to ask my sister and her friend.. for ID.. since as sated above neither are actually over 18 they wont have id... at this point they decided not to sell me my food... I complained to the staff in store but clearly that wasn't enough... I left without any of the food I had wanted to buy and wasted over an hour of my time... On principle I wasn't prepared to just take the food and not the I went to Morirson's and got everything... they were super helpful I didn't have a GBP for the trolley they lent me a token... I intend to query Sainsbury's on its policies since I don't believe as they claimed they would be breaking the law to sell me some alcohol because I was there with < 18 yr olds... as they were claiming in store. What is really irritating for me as a councillor is that supermarkets are trying to restrict the sale of alcohol to those who shouldn't be drinking it but at the same time people like me who look 18 (or less)... but are actually 28... get discriminated against (when in a “crowd”) as they claim. I bet if some one of 50 with a daughter (I guess sister is a strech at that age diff) of 17 wouldn't be refused... the sale of some alcohol.. and this is the Point... Rant over... Anyone want to advise me on what to do next... I see the directive is this labour governments fault...but also locally ours for being so ridged .. even though its not actually law..
I didn't let the manager know that i was a councillor till nearly the end of our discussions.. i am in two minds as to hoping it would make a difference... but it didn't.. I guess what needs now to happen is someone from sainsbursys to appologse and srot it.
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