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shopping and alcohol
Today I have been bitten by the nanny sate, BIG TIME... I was shopping in my (up till now) favourite supermarket.. Sainsbury's (Barnwood) with my youngest sister and a friend (who lives with us) 15+17.. ← not that that should be reliant.. We were purchasing sunday dinners Vegies since I went to the butcher on Friday to get the meat... also we were getting chilli ingredients to make during the week.. so you can imagine the checkout belt.. Potatoes Sweede Turnips Carrots Herbs to make Stuffing. (all fresh) Onions Garlic Tins of Pulses... Various beans.. Chopped tomatoes ribean ← the big one.. I love Ribena.... a few bottles of wine.. Yorkshire Puds.. Horseradish sauce... I picked one of sainsburys own.. wanted to try it out since I don't much like the Coleman's stuff... if its anything like the stuff you get at farmers market it should be great. some crappy alco pops for a party we were hosting.. Tropicana.. of various sorts.. they had a good deal on that !!! Any way you get the picture.... The checkout assistant asked for id... when picking up a Retail 10GBP bottle of wine (fair enough) though one knows this doesn't happen in France.. but then they proceeded to ask my sister and her friend.. for ID.. since as sated above neither are actually over 18 they wont have id... at this point they decided not to sell me my food... I complained to the staff in store but clearly that wasn't enough... I left without any of the food I had wanted to buy and wasted over an hour of my time... On principle I wasn't prepared to just take the food and not the I went to Morirson's and got everything... they were super helpful I didn't have a GBP for the trolley they lent me a token... I intend to query Sainsbury's on its policies since I don't believe as they claimed they would be breaking the law to sell me some alcohol because I was there with < 18 yr olds... as they were claiming in store. What is really irritating for me as a councillor is that supermarkets are trying to restrict the sale of alcohol to those who shouldn't be drinking it but at the same time people like me who look 18 (or less)... but are actually 28... get discriminated against (when in a “crowd”) as they claim. I bet if some one of 50 with a daughter (I guess sister is a strech at that age diff) of 17 wouldn't be refused... the sale of some alcohol.. and this is the Point... Rant over... Anyone want to advise me on what to do next... I see the directive is this labour governments fault...but also locally ours for being so ridged .. even though its not actually law..
I didn't let the manager know that i was a councillor till nearly the end of our discussions.. i am in two minds as to hoping it would make a difference... but it didn't.. I guess what needs now to happen is someone from sainsbursys to appologse and srot it.


Re: shopping and alcohol

Hi, I found your rant whilst searching on google as I have had the exact same problem.

Its ridiculous and frankly insulting.

There are no signs around the shop to say that you are forbidden to buy age restricted products if with a younger sibling/friend/child.

I wounder if they will refuse me for going in with my 2 year old son!?

The funny thing was Sainsburys actually let us buy the alcohol if our friend stood outisde and we started the transaction a fresh - doesnt this completely go against what they are making such a big deal out of!?

I dont think it happens so much with father/daughters mother/daughters so to me this makes me think that sainsburys are discriminating against young adults.

I have however seen a handful of reports including a man in his 40's being refused alcohol because he was with his teenage daughter.

Its infuriating.

This does not happen in Asda, tesco or anywhere else I have been. It seems to be a problem with Sainsburys alone and I have seen complaints like yours going back for the last couple of years with no efforts to resolve the issue.

I am planning on telling watchdog about this hoping that a little dose of ann robinson may sort them out!
at 03/11/2010 15:03

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